Beecroft Garden Governing Body

We are very lucky at Beecroft Garden to have a very active Governing Body that works closely with the school to improve educational attainment.

The Governors are:

Chair of Governors Sharon Long

Parent Governor Emma Cole

Parent Governor Claudine Munro-Lafon

Co-opted Governor Mick McGuire

Co-opted Governor Nicholas Ostrowski

Co-opted Governor Susie Labinjoh

Co-opted Governor Stephen Suggate-Francis

Staff Governor Rita Barr

Headteacher Graham Voller All Governors can be contacted via the school office either by email or by letter, please mark your envelope private and confidential and it will be forwarded to the named Governor.

About the governors

Governors are appointed for four years. It’s a voluntary role, so governors aren’t paid for the work they do for the governing board. The chair of governors leads the governing board and is elected every two years by them. Each committee is also headed by a chair, elected by the committee members. Parent governors are elected to the governing board by parents and teachers elect a teacher representative. Community governors are appointed from within the local community providing the governing board agrees.

Role of school governors

The governing board at Beecroft Garden Primary School is made up of 9 governors. We provide strategic leadership and accountability for the school. We appoint the Headteacher and with the Headteacher, we appoint the Deputy Head.

We meet regularly to assess how the school is performing and to make sure it is managed effectively. We don’t get involved in the day to day running of the school, individual complaints or do fundraising.

We all meet twice a term for a full governors meeting.

We have two committees:

  • the resources committee looks in detail at how the school’s money is spent
  • the curriculum committee looks at how and what the children are taught and how they are performing

Each committee meets separately at least once a term.

Discussions of each meeting and the decisions made are recorded in writing. Lewisham Council provides us with a clerk who independently minutes our meetings.

You can view the published minutes of the governor’s meetings. Please contact school reception for details.

Declaration of Business Interests

Please click here for the our latest declaration of business interests

How Lewisham Council helps us

Beecroft Garden is a local authority maintained school, supported and held to account by Lewisham Council.

The council supports governors by providing information, training sessions and conferences. They publish a governor’s handbook every term that highlights any key changes that could affect the running of the school.

Lewisham Council decides if our governing body structure complies with rules set by the Department for Education.

School priorities for 2015-16

The governors have agreed that the school’s priorities for 2017 to 2018 are:

  • To further enhance leadership capacity and skills and continue to develop future leaders, especially those in middle leadership roles
  • To embed the use of effective feedback strategies to engage and challenge all learners
  • To raise the number of children achieving greater depth in RWM
  • To develop the positive well-being of the school community so that the school’s values are reflected in our behaviours
  • Data assessment systems effectively track progress to ensure all groups of learners make good or better progress
  • To enhance early provision through embedding effective partnerships with parents