PE and Sports Premium Grant


Purpose of the grant

To improve the provision of PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles.


The Government is providing £450 million to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to schools to be spent on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. All state-maintained schools, academies, middle schools, special schools will receive the funding. As well as improving the quality of PE and sport in schools the funding is also aimed at increasing participation in extra-curricular sport, increasing opportunities to participate in inter and intra school competitive sport, increasing professional development opportunities for teachers and developing and promoting healthy living and healthy lifestyles.

Year on Year Funding:
2014/15 £9,250
2015/16 £9,595
2016/17 £9,600
2017/18 £19,180


Beecroft Garden’s Vision

At Beecroft Garden, PE and School Sport is seen as a key factor in providing an inclusive and exciting education. Having high quality PE lessons throughout the school, we aim to provide the opportunity for pupils to develop and become confident, competent and enthusiastic individuals, who have the skills to participate and be sports leaders in extra-curricular activities. The school sports premium will be used to further enhance the PE and sports provision at Beecroft Garden.


Summary of impact 2016-17

Beecroft GARDEN Primary school is committed to ensuring that the primary PE and Sports Premium funding is allocated to high quality, sustainable initiatives. Our priorities for the year 2016-17 were as follows:

  • To provide a wider range of activities for children to access sport
  • To ensure hard to reach children are actively targeted for involvement
  • To extend children’s awareness of a range of sports and how sporting expertise can be developed
  • To develop the role of PE leader in order to promote Sport and PE across the school, raising the profile and developing expertise.
  • To give children opportunities to participate in a wider range of activities
  • To increase opportunities for children to participate in competitive sport


These priorities were met in a number of ways:

A trained sports coach was employed lunch times to provide a variety of timetables sports activities, extending the amount of physical sports related activities on offer.  The impact of this being that around half of all pupils were given an additional hours sports coaching each week.  Coaches also targeted children who would benefit from structured activities to build resilience and respect with a positive impact on the number of behavioural issues occurring of a lunchtime. Sessions were resourced with quality equipment to ensure a high standard of delivery and skills development.

Subscriptions were maintained to increase the opportunities to engage in physical activity throughout the day. This included the following:

  • Subscription to the 5-a-day programme successfully rolled out in EYFS / KS1 to development movement and co-ordination as well as aiding concentration.
  • Membership of the ALPs ensured a coordinated programme of regular opportunities for children to compete in high quality interschool competitions.
  • Little leaders programme and Change for Life programmes developed children’s skills at identifying positive healthy choices, increasing their own physical activity and encouraging and developing these skills in others.


We continued to extend the opportunities of our children to engage in a range of different sporting activities lead by trained coaches. From a Healthy Living Week where by all children got to engage in new activities, including cycling, street dance, skateboarding and skipping, to providing subsidised training for a Girl’s football club.

Training was provided to the new PE lead in order to develop her skills in promoting healthy living and sports across the school.  High quality CPD was identified, including the cost of cover to develop the role through mentoring at local schools.  The sports funding also allowed appropriate staffing to ensure that children were able to attend interschool competitions, further raising the profile of sports across the school.

The collaborative impact of all of these activities was that the profile of PE and sports was significantly raised across the year, creating an atmosphere of safe competition and the collaboration with other close-by schools, which allows many children to experience this as part of the curriculum but also when representing the school.  Many children who were not actively involved in sport were included in targeted activates developing healthy lifestyles.

A highly successful healthy living week with the theme ‘ living like and Olympian’ not only saw children exposed to a range of new and exciting sports but also gave them the opportunity to meet real life athletes and find out what it takes to compete at a high level.  This put sports performance into a wider context, making meaningful links with science and DT as well as engaging harder to reach pupils and reiterating the importance of attitude and resilience in sporting success.

For a full break down of the expenditure and impact see the 2016/17 PE and Sports premium funding.

PE and Sports Premium 2016-2017

Sports Premium 2017-2018

Funding for 2017 to 2018

Funding for 2017/18 is £19180

Allocations for the academic year 2017 to 2018 are calculated using the number of pupils in years 1 to 6, as recorded in the January 2017 census, as follows:

  • schools with 17 or more pupils receive £16,000 plus £10 per pupil
  • schools with 16 or fewer pupils receive £1000 per pupil

Our aims this year are to continue to develop high quality provision for sport and PE, concentrating on developing skills amongst staff, specifically with regard to the teaching of gymnastics and dance.  We aim to continue to develop both the high quality provision available for all children to access throughout the school day as well as developing children’s skills in sports and opportunities to participate in sporting competitions.

Our priorities for the forthcoming year are as follows:

  • To continue to expand the range of activities on offer
  • To ensure all children are able to access opportunities
  • To develop the provision of gymnastics and dance, including quality CPD for staff.
  • To continue to use sport to promote healthy lifestyles and choices.
  • To extend the amount of interschool competitions and the amount of children participating in these.
  • To develop links with local sports clubs and organisations to further engagement and develop skills.


Further detail and a breakdown of the how the funding is being used to meet the objectives can be found in the 2017/18 PE and Sports Premium Funding document.

Reporting to Parents and Governors

The school will report to its parents and governors at the end of each financial year, how the Sports Premium has been spent.

Sports Premium 2017-2018

PE and Sports Premium 2016-2017