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We’re beginning our journey towards becoming a Rights Respecting School!

Our value of the month is respect in March so we decided it would be the perfect time to introduce Unicef and the Rights of a Child to the children and staff. Mr Heath led the assembly by getting two volunteers up to the front and giving one of them nice clean water, books to educate and even calling him by his own real name whilst ignoring the other and giving her dirty water and calling her just ‘girl’! We spoke about why it is important that we have rights, who has them and the important job that Unicef do in ensuring we have everything we need to achieve. Our journey to Rights Respecting school is just beginning and this is something that we will be embedding through everything we do. We can’t wait to share some of the articles and rights with you along our way!



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School Council visit the Mayor of Lewisham 2017



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After school clubs

School council were discussing after school clubs and have written a letter to the office with some ideas of the kind of clubs they would like to see in the future. They presented the letter to Caroline during a meeting. Hopefully we’ll see some new clubs soon!


School council club letter to the office

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Christmas Jumper Day 2016



On Friday 16th December our school took part in Christmas Jumper Day. We all put on our Christmas jumpers, wore a Christmas colour or decorated our jumpers with Christmas cheer in support of Save the Children.

We raised a total of £227.43 for Save the Children, a charity which helps children all over the world. School Council introduced the charity in assembly and encouraged as many people as possible to join in.


To find out more about Save the Children visit their website –


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The Big Red Box 2016

A huge thank you to everyone who gave a contribution of food towards the the Big Red Box this year. We managed to complete around 9 boxes and had several boxes of food left over which will help local families and go towards completing more boxes collected by other organisations.




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Being KIND for Christmas!

In School Council we have been thinking about how to be kind because Kindness is our value of the month for December.


We have decided that we would like to take part in Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 16th December 2016. We are asking for a donation of £1 to wear a Christmas jumper. The money will go to the charity ‘Save The Children’.



We are also taking part in the Big Red Box. If you can,  please could you bring a donation of food to put in the box.

We need:

  • Pasta Sauces
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Tinned meat
  • Vegetables (tinned)
  • Tomatoes (tinned)
  • Soup
  • Jam
  • Rice pudding (tinned)
  • Custard (tinned)
  • Tinned fruit
  • Biscuits
  • Mince Pies
  • Chrsitmas pudding
  • Kid’s Christmas cholocates
  • Cereal
  • Fruit juice (carton)
  • Sugar
  • Tea bags/ instant coffee
  • Milk (UHT)


The boxes of food will go to families in need in our local area this Christmas. We would like each class to fill 1 box.



Let’s make everyone smile this Christmas!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!

From School Council


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Anti-Bullying Week 2016

This year for Anti-bullying week (14th-18th November 2016) School Council wanted to raise awareness of what children should do if they are being bullied or if they see bullying. We looked at the school anti-bullying policy and discussed making a booklet for children on how to deal with bullying. This fitted in nicely with this year’s Kidscape theme ‘Power for Good’, which was about the ways in which we can help each other.

The school council designed the booklet, wrote the words, drew the pictures and typed up all of their information into the computer to create the wonderful guide you see below.childrens-anti-bullying-booklet-page-1 childrens-anti-bullying-booklet-page-2

Anti-Bullying guide for children – printable

Every child in KS1 and KS2 was given a copy of the anti-bullying guide. Well done School Council for doing such an amazing job!

The school also took part in the ‘Power Of One’ anti-bullying show on Friday 11th November as an introduction to the week and everyone signed the bully prevention oath, a promise to ‘not bully others, not stand by while others are bullied and report and deal with bullying whenever I see it’. It was a powerful performance and all the children felt confident in knowing how they could help if they see bullying.

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Lunchtime Activities

KS1 school council have been working on putting together a list of lunchtime activities which could be held in the spare classroom. They discussed the activities they enjoyed the most and wrote a letter to Mr Voller and Holly (Senior Meal Supervisor) to see if it was possible to have any of these games at lunchtime.

KS1 letter

Click here to see our letter


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Visit to the Lewisham Mayor

We got on the 171 and headed of on our journey to the Lewisham Mayor Our destination was the Civic Suite in Catford (that’s  where the Mayor works).

The tour guide handed us an information book all about the Mayor.  We got to sit in the Mayor’s chair!

Asher on the chair

We entered the Council Chambers and the old Young Mayor talked to us about what it was like to be a Young Mayor, and told us about the new Young Mayor. We got the chance to say what we would do if we had the job of Young Mayor. He asked us what qualities we needed to have to be a young mayor. We answered: strong minded, persuasive, fair, honest and a god listener. What do you think?

Then we saw the Mayor of Lewisham. We sat in his office and had some refreshments whilst we took turns introducing ourselves and asking him questions. He was very friendly and a normal man. He goes and sees events, opens things and makes important decisions. His chains were really delicate and made out of gold, we got to hold his gold badge. Afterwards, we took a photo with him to remember the day. We also got a certificate.

Picture with the mayor

It was a fantastic day and a great experience!


By School Council

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Big Red Box

The School Council have done a fantastic job of collecting donations of food for the ‘Big Red Box’ project organised by King’s Church. The boxes will be given out by Social Services and Family Support teams to the neediest families in our community this Christmas, each family receiving a box of filled with a variety of basic food items as well as some Christmas treats.

Big Red Box

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Thank you!

We managed to raise a fantastic £367.49 for Children in Need on Friday 13th November. A big thank you to everyone who gave a donation!

Superhero's for children in need

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We’re supporting Children in Need!

On Friday 13th November, two weeks after half term, we will be dressing up as our favourite superheros for Children in Need. If you can, please donate generously as it would help lots of children in the UK. If everyone dressed up and donated it would save children and improve their lives, as you know every penny helps. £1 could provide a breakfast for a child in need for a week. £10 could buy a music therapy session to a child who has a brain tumour.

You can dress up as any superhero including yourself, for example Super Shilah, Wonder Winnie or Mayhem Maria! If you don’t have a costume be creative because you can always make one. We want the teachers to join in too. Remember to wear your costume on the right day, Friday 13th November.


From the School Council


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First school council meeting of the year

On Monday 5th October the new school council members had their first meeting in their new roles. They got to meet their fellow school council members and we created a set of rules for school council. We also discussed things teams would like to work on this year.

KS1 school council rules

KS2 Council rules

KS2 rules

KS1 school council ideas

KS2 school council ideas

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School Council Elections

Election poster


On Wednesday 30th September we had the school council elections. Two representatives from each class were chosen to become members of the school council. Well done to everyone that applied and congratulations to those children who were successful in winning the vote of their classmates. See the school council page for information on the school council members

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£500 Donation from FOBS

Fobs (the friends of Beecroft School) donated £500 to the school council. We decided that we would go to are classes and brainstorm some ideas (disco, teddy bear picnic, gym, trampoline, film club, swing and science workshop) we decided that the best idea was a science workshop. Some projects for instance dry ice and explosion.

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Letter to Kirk

In this meeting we put together a letter for Kirk about the BBQ and ice lollies. We created a letter for all kitchen staff. We asked to have a BBQ and some lollies for lunch play. We went down to the kitchen and asked Kirk if we could have the BBQ and lollies.


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National Young Carers Week and Healthy Living Fair



This week in school council we recognised National Young Carers Week. Young carers look after parents or siblings who are unwell or need extra support. We talked about who cares for us and how they care for us, and we discussed the kind of things young carers do for example, washing, cleaning and making the beds. We also discussed how young carers might feel and decided that it might sometimes be very worrying.

If you are a young carer who looks after a family member who is unwell, disabled, has special needs or has mental ill health you can talk to Neola the school learning mentor.


We also discussed Healthy Living Week which is coming up at the end of June. Sam Davies, our school business manager, told us about the different activities we could look forward to such as bubble football, rollapalooza, breakdancing and trampolining! We are very excited. We also gave Sam some ideas about what else we could do during healthy living week.

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