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We’re beginning our journey towards becoming a Rights Respecting School!

Our value of the month is respect in March so we decided it would be the perfect time to introduce Unicef and the Rights of a Child to the children and staff. Mr Heath led the assembly by getting two volunteers up to the front and giving one of them nice clean water, books to educate and even calling him by his own real name whilst ignoring the other and giving her dirty water and calling her just ‘girl’! We spoke about why it is important that we have rights, who has them and the important job that Unicef do in ensuring we have everything we need to achieve. Our journey to Rights Respecting school is just beginning and this is something that we will be embedding through everything we do. We can’t wait to share some of the articles and rights with you along our way!



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Gymnastics Introduction

On Tuesday 24th January, Sebastian and Miss Weighell took 7 children from Key Stage 2 for a special gymnastics introduction led by Beaming Stars Gymnastics Club. The children were able to understand what was expected of them for the upcoming Lewisham Gymnastics Competition being held in March. They got the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills on the vault and on the floor mats. Miss Weighell was thoroughly impressed with the dedication and concentration the children displayed. Sebastian has done a fantastic job with the children in his after school club and after witnessing their hard work yesterday we are confident that they will do us very proud in the upcoming tournament. A huge well done to Maya, Alex, Harry, Tylei, Rio, Ivan and Ricardo!

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Sportshall Athletics Final years 5/6.

On Thursday 15th December 2016 Beecroft Garden took part in the Lewisham Borough final for Sportshall Athletics at The Lewisham Thunderdome.

A team of 9 boys & 9 girls from years 5/6 represented Beecroft Garden in a number of different events from Relay races to Standing Long jump. The team worked so hard, great effort and supported each other throughout the day. We finished a creditably 8th of 15. Marvin in year 6 wrote a diary of the day.

The Athletics Competition.

Today I’m going to the Athletics competition. I think it’s going to be awesome. I hope we can win a trophy. We leave school and are on the bus. We meet some other children on the bus that look like they are going to the competition as well. We get to the venue and take our place in the hall. We have a demonstration of the events we will be doing. First I’m doing the field events. Standing Triple jump and the Speed Bounce which were fun. After I have some lunch a sandwich and Apple juice. I really want my school to win. Now I’m in relay races with first Gabriel then with Solomon, Dontae and Ivan I run as fast as I can. I think Beecroft can win but we didn’t . But still it doesn’t matter, we tried our best and that’s the point. Now we are on our way back to Beecroft.

Marvin Year 6 Oak.

Well done to Malaika, Shahira, Omonefe, Fatoumata, Aishwriya, Rosie, Greece, Asha, Sapho, David, Michael, Ivan, Andrei, Gabriel, John, Dontae, Solomon and Marvin.

 Mrs Crosbie, Steve and I was proud of the way the team represented Beecroft Garden with great Sportsmanship, determination and behaviour.

Coach Tim.

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Tag rugby

On Tuesday 15th November we had a Year 3 and 4 Tag Rugby tournament. The children had barely had a chance to let their breakfast go down before we whizzed down to Prendergast Ladywell school where we competed against 3 other schools! It was a sporting festival tournament so no scoring was noted however Miss Weighell and Sophie (our ever amazing parent volunteer) did note how amazing the children did. It was a brilliant morning and the children vastly improved their rugby skills. They became superstars at grabbing the tags off the other schools without them noticing! A special mention goes to Maya in year 3 for reading out the sportsmanship manuscript. We also had two children in year 4, Cairo and Ebony who received the ‘respect’ and ‘teamwork’ certificate. The children have been learning Tag Rugby with Tim in PE since last year and he has done a great job with them! Behaviour was brilliant and your sportsmanship today was amazing. What a fabulous day. Well done guys, you did Beecroft proud.


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Year 5/6 Hockey Competition

On Thursday 29th September, it was the year 5&6s turn to take to the field to compete in the Lewisham Schools Quick Sticks Hockey Final and be in with a chance to represent the Borough at the London Youth Games.

15 schools, 25 teams, 101 students, 27 team managers and 20 young leaders.

The competition had a similar round robin format, with winners of each group and top 3 runners up went on to knock outs in quarter finals, semi’sand final.  The pitch break down shows the various schools in each group and their final placing.



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Year 3/4 Hockey Competition Autumn 1

On Tuesday 27th September, 12 children from Year 3 and 4 attended the first competition of the year, the Lewisham borough final of developmental hockey. We played against 12 other teams from across the borough.  Most of the children have had little experience of hockey, and some had not picked up a hockey stick before their first PE lesson with Tim 3 weeks ago! They played brilliantly, and the team work was outstanding. A special mention to Miss Weighell for her amazing coaching and cheering on from the side-lines! Both teams came 2nd place in their pools. Well done to Maya, Tilly, Ty, Will, Maria, Asher, Soni, Tylei, Patric, Esim, Taylor and Gil. And well done to Soni for receiving a sporting spirit award for passion, for giving it 100% at all times!


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Sports Day 2016

On Friday 15th July we had our annual school sports day. With a perfect forecast of weather, Reception and KS1 made their way to Kings College Sports Ground to compete in a variety of activities that included jumping, throwing, kicking, balancing, skipping and running. Our brilliant Little Leaders ran each of the activities, and the children gave it their all during each event. Thank you to all involved, and the parents who came down to support and cheer on their children and classes!

After lunch it was time for KS2 to head to the field for their sports day which encompassed culture, celebration and inclusion. Classes were split into 10 countries across the key stage, with children from Year 3 to 6 in each team. The children competed in hurdles, football dribbling and shooting, rugby, cricket, hockey, vortex throwing, endurance running and sitting volleyball. Points were awarded at each station as a team, with bonus points given out for excellent sportsmanship, team cheering and parental encouragement! Well done to Italy for coming 1st with 462 points, Kenya who came 2nd with 454 points and Brazil a close 3rd, with 449 points.

The day ended with the finals of KS2 sprints, the heats had been run during PE lessons the week before. The races were incredibly close, requiring photo finishes to determine the places!
Year 3 girls – 1st – Edirin, 2nd – Abigail, 3rd – Orla
Year 3 boys – 1st – Asher, 2nd – Armarnie, 3rd – Kristiyan
Year 4 girls – equal 1st – Sapho/Omonefe, 2nd – Shahira
Year 4 boys – 1st – Riley, 2nd – Rahaan, 3rd – David
Year 5 girls – 1st – Shanae, 2nd – Rochelle, 3rd – Fatoumata
Year 5 boys – 1st – Gabriel, 2nd – Dontae, 3rd – Ivan
Year 6 girls – 1st – Shilah, 2nd – Victoria, 3rd – Lauretta
Year 6 boys – 1st – Eloghosa, 2nd – Messiah, 3rd – Malik

P1060769-001     P1060816-001     P1060807-001                     P1060793-001      P1060817-001

P1060872-001     P1060869-001       P1060841        P1060849-001

Well done to everyone for their enthusiasm, help and input to yet another fabulous sports day!

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Friendly Football with Myatt Garden

After school on Wednesday 29th June some of our incredibly enthusiastic Year 4 and 5 boys were invited to Myatt Garden to play a round robin of friendly football. Some of the boys who had been selected for the team even managed to attend and pass their Taekwondo grading before hand, a huge thank you to Elijah’s mum for collecting the boys and dropping them off. All the boys played brilliantly, with Asher in year 3 having a go in goal, and our top goal scorer for the day being Dontae. There was some fabulous defence and the teamwork and sportsmanship was exceptional. After a well deserved biscuit and drink supplied by our friends at Myatt the boys went home tired and happy. Well done to all the boys for some fab friendly football!



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Year 2/3 Football – Perry Vale Cup @ Dalmain Pen

On Thursday 26th of May our newly formed Year 2/3 girl’s football team got kitted up in their oversized kits and went to Dalmain to play their first competitions against some other local schools. We had a wonderful turn out of parent supporters who enjoyed watching the matches and cheering on our girls in the afternoon sun. The girls were very excited and played brilliantly. We came back to school with a 7th place, 6th place and a runners up trophy! Well done, these girls are ones to watch in football!



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Staff vs Year 6 – Cricket

To finish off our Healthy Living Week, on Friday the 27th May at lunchtime, we held our staff vs students Cricket match. This year all of our Year 6s have taken part in a competition, either at Level 1 or Level 2, and this was a fun way to have some friendly fun against the staff.

A huge thank you to Coach Tim, Charlie, Ms Clarke, Nigel (Mr Davies) and Mr Cardy for giving the year 6s some good competitive play, but at the end of the day, more runs were scored by the teachers.

IMG_1235-001     IMG_1251

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Healthy Living Week – 23rd to 27th May 2016

This week has been our Healthy Living Week with the theme ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’, and what an amazing week it has been!

We have learnt about different ways of eating healthily and tasted some foods we have never tasted before. We have played tennis, street danced, scooted, skateboarded, skipped and trampolined! Year 4s visited a training kitchen to make some nutritious bars; we had a ‘Get set, Cook!’ assembly hosted by Chartwells; used a smoothie bike to make our own fresh smoothies and learnt about the Eatwell plate, and why too much sugar is bad for us.
Our Healthy Living Fair was fantastic, with a number of children demonstrating street dance, taekwondo and gymnastics, and we tasted some fabulous food at the buffet. We have also learnt about keeping our minds healthy, with some workshops from NSPCC teaching us about our emotional health, Anna the Conscious coach teaching us some relaxation and energising techniques. Finally we finished the week with some drama sessions to encourage laughter and wellbeing.

Children have participated in all activities in their usual enthusiastic and thoughtful way, and have enjoyed every bit of it. A huge thank you to all staff for making our brilliant Healthy Living Week the best it has ever been!


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Walk to School Week – 16th to 20th May

May 16th to 20th was National Walk to School Week. During this week we challenged Beecroft Garden students and staff to walk to school every day and to make a difference to our wellbeing and happiness! Each class tracked how they come to school for the entire week.

Each class in KS1 and KS2 had over 60% of the children and adults walking to school each day. Most classes had over 70% each day, and some of the data increased as the week went on, which was great to see!

Prizes were awarded for the class who had the highest percentage each day, which were;

Monday – Banyan (Year 2) Tuesday – Banyan (Year 2), Wednesday – Maple (Year 4) and Cypress (Year 5), Thursday  – Maple (Year 4) and Friday – Oak (Year 6)

Banyan won overall for the week, with 82.75% of the class walking to school for the whole week. They are now proud owners of the trophy. Maple (year 4) came second by a tiny amount, with 82% of the class walking for the whole week.

walk to school week winners

A huge well done to all children in the school for taking on the challenge in the lead up to our Healthy Living Week (May 23rd to 27th) Keep up the steps!!


Ways you can join in:

  • Park the car further away than you normally do, and walk the rest of the way.
  • Get off 1 or 2 bus stops earlier, and walk the rest of the way.
  • Come on a scooter/bicycle/tricycle/unicycle!
  • Ensure you find safe places to cross, and talk to your child about road safety, using the ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ s sequence. The Government’s Think! website offers advice about road safety. Check out for games resources and information on the Green Cross Code.

Walking to school is a healthy way to travel and is a brilliant form of exercise. It also gives you a chance to meet up with others along the way or gives you an opportunity to have a good chat! It can mean that you get to explore the local environment and involve all your senses. You can hear the most amazing sounds from birds singing to sirens wailing. You might even see the tiniest little insect crawling between the cracks in the pavement if you look carefully enough! You can also help save the environment!

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Year 5/6 Mixed Football Tournament

On Thursday the 25th of January our Year 5 and 6 children attended the School Games 5/6 mixed/best girls football competition. With almost 30 teams entered it was a very busy turn out, and despite the cold weather, our children played with enthusiasm and used their skills they have learnt and fine tuned during their PE unit of football.

There was some very tough competition during the day, but our amazing goal keepers Tay and Mudiaga managed to block a lot of goal attempts from opposing teams. Shidenay and Victoria were our goal scorers for the day, each scoring one goal each.


Well done to our 2 teams;

Team A – Aiesha, Victoria, Hasan, Byron, Tay, Samuel (Year 6) and Christopher (Year 5)

Team B – Lauretta, Kiah, Shilah, Liam, Mudiaga (Year 6) and Elijah and Shidenay (Year 5)


20160225_141326                                20160225_141102


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Class v Class Football Competitions Spring 1

After a successful unit of football during our PE lessons in Years 3 to 6, we had our half termly competition where classes from each year level competed against each other. When we have only one class for a year level, we make 2 teams (red and blue) and they play against each other.

The last week of Spring 1, on Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th of February at lunch time, Year 3, 4 and 6 played their interclass (Level 1) games.

Representing our Year 3 classes were
Elm- Rashane, Peter, Cavoya, Soni, Angelica, Mikuel, Eve and Tylei.
Acacia-  Rashawn, Edirin, Leah, Ashley, Esim, Ayah, Ayodeji and Abigail.


Our Year 4 class was split into 2 teams,

Maple Red- Rosie, Asha, Nidhya, Jermaine, Ryley and Yemi.
Maple Blue- Malaika, Sky, Aafrin, David, Christopher and Romeo.

And Year 6 saw Ash vs Oak compete on the football pitch!
Ash- Eloghosa, Meshach, Wintana, Mihai, Skaiste, Ricardo, Priya and Shari.
Oak- Samuel, Arena, Malik, Jaiden, Lauretta, Nathan, Stella and Shilah.
Ash won 2-0 with Meshach scoring both goals.

Well done to all children who showed not only skill and progression during their unit of football, but enthusiasm and commitment, and were chosen to represent their class.

Following on from these competitions, children in Years 5 and 6 will be representing both mixed and girls football next term in Level 2 competitions against children from around Lewisham.

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Year 4 girl’s football tournament

On Wednesday the 10th of February, our Year 4 girls were invited to compete in a FreeSport cup tournament against some local schools at Dalmain Pen, organised by our friends at Dalmain Athletic Girl’s Football Club. Our small squad of 6 girls competed against 4 other teams and with each game they grew in confidence, with Neda scoring 2 goals in the last game and Omonefe and Neda blocking some amazing goals as goal keepers! We came 4th overall and each child received a medal. A huge well done to Rosie, Neda, Khadija, Sapho, Omonefe and our cheer squad (due to an injury) Rhianna! These girls are definitely ones to watch in football!



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Year 5/6 3V3 Basketball Competition

Last Thursday 28th January our Year 5/6 basketballers attended the Lewisham borough 3V3 tournament. We got the spend the afternoon at the London Thunderdome, the home of Lewisham Thunder, playing basketball against 25 local school teams. There was some tough competition but our teams played brilliantly, with Ivan (Cypress) and Messiah (Ash) both scoring great goals.
Well done to our Year 6 team – Messiah, Mudiaga, Queenette, Tay,  Lucy and Victoria and our Year 5 team – Nikita, Ivan, Brianna and Nyjah.






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Change4Life Festival – run by Little Leaders

On Tuesday the 19th of January, 7 children from our Year 3/4 Change4Life club attended a Change4Life festival at Prendergast Ladywell School. Change4Life Clubs are an NHS initiative that is aimed is to create an exciting and inspirational environment to engage young people in school sport and let them represent their school.

It was a festival of games and activities that underpin a range of sports activities but most of all, were fun!

Our Little Leaders were given their first opportunity to participate in a big leadership role at the festival, by planning, practicing and then running activities for children from all schools attending the festival. They did an amazing job, and were confident, communicated well and helped the children, ensuring they were joining in and happy. Well done to our Little Leaders and our Change4Life club for partipating with enthusiasm and making it a fabulous afternoon.



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Year 3/4 3V3 Basketball Comp

Last term (Autumn 2) we were learning basketball in our PE lessons from Years 3 to 6. On Tuesday 21st January, twelve of our Year 3/4 children got to compete in a 3V3 developmental basketball competition against schools from other boroughs. The children played brilliantly and had lots of fun in their first competitive opportunity.

Here’s what some of the children had to say;

Gil – It was quite exciting. The game was quite unpredictable because both teams looked like they could win.

Asher – I thought it was a good experience to go verse other schools. My favourite part was to shoot my goal in the first match.

Emile – I loved when it started to get challenging with the other schools.


Well done to our 3/4 basketballers – Ebony, Gil, Taylor, Patric, Joseph, Emile, Asher, Jonelle, Solomon, Amari, DeVaughn and Omonefe.




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Staff vs Students Netball Comp Autumn 2 Week 7

After the success of our after school netball club and tournament, with an excellent progression in skills and knowledge of the game as well as commitment and enthusiasm, we decided to end the term with a game against some very eager teachers! Some staff had not played since they themselves were in primary school, and the rules of the game came flooding back to them. All children got a turn on court, but wished they could have had longer! There was some excellent defending by the students and some great goals scores by the teachers.

We mixed up the teams for the last game and teachers and students played on the same team.

Fun was had by all!!

We had a huge crowd and an amazing turn out of teachers who jumped in for a quick game. Thanks to the staff for giving up some of their lunch break and for the netball team for their fabulous sportsmanship and enthusiasm!


184170188 173 181   195

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Year 5/6 Level 1 (class vs class) Basketball competition

After learning the skills and rules of basketball during Autumn 2 in PE with Coach Tim, years 5 and 6 finished the term with a class vs class (Level 1) lunch time competition. Ask vs Oak (Year 6) and Cypress Blue vs Cypress Red (Year 5) played great games, with children selected to play for their class team by showing a commitment to PE, always bringing their kit, as well as showing an improvement in their skills over the duration of unit.

Playing for Year 5 Cypress Blue were Ivan, Rochelle, Dontae, Brianna, Yusuf and Aishwriya. Year 5 Cypress Red were Joshua, Nikita, Divine, Greece, Elijah and Tyesha.

Year 6 Oak team were Sara, Darrin, Aiesha, Miguel, Ayo and Lucy, and Year 6 Ash team consisted of Mudiaga, Queenette, Giacomo, Karine, Messiah and Kiah.


A huge well done to all that played! Final scores were Ash 10 : Oak 2, and Cypress Red 4 ; Cypress Blue 2.

ash oak basketball 1

Queenette from Ash class said ” It was really fun and it was good to play for my class, Ash!” Ivan in Year 5 said ” It was a wonderful experience and I would love to have more.” Nasradin, also in Ash , said “Even though I didn’t play, I loved cheering on my class!”

Year 6 teachers Mr Morris (Ash) and Ms Clarke (Oak) watched and cheered their classes on during the game. Mr Morris said ” It was a really good team effort! The kids that played, played well. It was good to see them using what they’ve learnt – clearly they have learnt how to work together in PE  – remembering to pass the ball to each other!”

“It was really good to see the children using all the skills they’ve learnt over the term with Tim. I’m very proud of my class!” said Ms Clarke.

cypress basketball 1


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