Year Three Gallery

We’re beginning our journey towards becoming a Rights Respecting School!

Our value of the month is respect in March so we decided it would be the perfect time to introduce Unicef and the Rights of a Child to the children and staff. Mr Heath led the assembly by getting two volunteers up to the front and giving one of them nice clean water, books to educate and even calling him by his own real name whilst ignoring the other and giving her dirty water and calling her just ‘girl’! We spoke about why it is important that we have rights, who has them and the important job that Unicef do in ensuring we have everything we need to achieve. Our journey to Rights Respecting school is just beginning and this is something that we will be embedding through everything we do. We can’t wait to share some of the articles and rights with you along our way!



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Please Follow the Acacia Class Rules


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Elm Y3 – Class Contract

In Elm Class, we have worked together to create a contract of how we will behave throughout this year. The rules were decided by the children and agreed upon as a whole class. Elm Class Contract updated

elm class contract

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Here is our fab phonics wall

Phonics Sentence Wall display

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We know our number bonds to 10

number bonds to 10

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Here are our stone age raps!

“My name is Dave and I live in a cave
Don’t mess with my meat or I’ll kick you with my feet
I use fire to cook and I can’t read a book
I draw pictures in chalk and I really can’t talk….”

Read more > STONE AGE RAPS


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Have a look at our stone age pebbles

Stone Age_Story writing challenge

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We’ve been eggstremely good at Maths!


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Look at our lovely artwork

We have been doing cave paintings to explore our topic on the stone age….

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