The curriculum at Beecroft Garden

We follow the national curriculum which covers the subjects children need to learn.

The Beecroft Garden learning approach

At Beecroft Garden we bring the curriculum to life by taking an innovative and creative approach.  We believe that children achieve best when immersed in their learning.   Each term children follow a themed learning journey, which brings together different subjects.  Learning journeys are designed to inspire the children’s sense wonder and curiosity.

Our learning journeys 

Our approach encourages children to become directors of their own learning, allowing them to investigate and develop their own ideas and lines of questioning, through first hand experiences and creative contexts for learning.

Each learning journey begins with a starting point or launch such as:

  • a special visit or visitor
  • a set of artefacts
  • a workshop

At the end of each learning journey we celebrate and share children’s outcomes. These could include:

  • a documentary film
  • a living museum
  • a workshop to share learning

The creative arts

Children have rich opportunities to participate in art, drama, music and dance in our school.

A focus on the creative arts allows children to develop their self expression, work collaboratively, communicate in different ways and develop their self- confidence.

In 2014 – 2015 we have:

  • Performed at the Laban dance centre
  • Worked alongside Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Created an in school art gallery

All children have the opportunity to work with our art specialist for half a term, as well as weekly music lessons with a music teacher.

Beecroft Garden values

All the learning opportunities at Beecroft Garden encompass our twelve school values.

We want our children to be resilient , resourceful, and  reflective. They’ll learn to be independent in their learning, work collaboratively and  treat others with kindness and respect. They’ll be curious and creative, set themselves ambitious goals and become happy  and confident children.