For more information see the Year 1 curriculum map Autumn

TOPIC Our topic this term is ‘Island Destinations’.In history and geography  we will be learning about

  • Islands around the world
  • Comparing two islands (hot and cold)
  • Mapping skills
  • How Islands were formed using the book ‘An Island Grows.’
  • The travels of Sir Francis Drake

In computing we will be learning to programme a journey

In art we will create a 3D sculpture of a desert island using papier mâché and developing our painting skills.

In DT we will be designing and making treasure chests using hinges.



ENGLISH We will be sharing stories that will include ‘An Island in the Sun’ ‘The snail and the whale’ and ‘An Island Grows’ as well as reading non-fiction books about pirates. We will be using these books to support out writing of:

  • Recounts
  • Letter/postcard writing
  • Lists
  • Story writing
  • Dictated sentences (spellings of key sounds and words)

Phonics will be taught daily in differentiated groups to meet every child’s needs.  Your child will read with an adult at school at least twice a week in their Guided Reading sessions and they will also have an individual reading day. It is essential that your child brings in their book bag everyday so we can write in their reading record, communicate with you and change their books on a regular basis. Please read with your child EVERYDAY.

MATHEMATICS This term we be learning:

  • To count, read and write to 20 and beyond
  • One more and one less to any given number to 20
  • To use objects and picture to represent different amounts (using resources like number lines and Numicon).
  • To describe and solve practical problems for length, weight and capacity
  • The days of the week and months of the year


SCIENCE In science we will learning about

  • Changes in Seasons
  • Making Volcanoes : Using the text ‘An Island Grows’
  • Animals including Humans
 We will be learning about Diwali, the natural work and the story of Jesus.
PE This term PE is on a Thursday and we will be working on our games skills.
Year 1 Children will have a music lesson by the specialist music teacher once a week and we will be learning lots of rhymes and songs in the classroom.  This term we are being rhythm detectives.
HOMEWORK Homework will mostly be topic related and your child might also bring home common words and sounds to read. Please support your child in completing this and bring back to school.The most important homework, however, that you can do with your child is to hear them read as often as possible and talk about what they have learned in school.
TRIPS We are planning a variety of trips to aid your children’s learning-details to   follow.