Year 2

Year 2 is an important year in your child’s primary education as it is the last year of Key Stage One/Infant school. Throughout the year, your child will continue to develop the skills he/she has acquired in the Foundation stage and Year One, whilst getting ready for a smooth transition into Key Stage Two and the juniors!

At Beecroft Garden, we promote a creative, topic based approach to learning and children are encouraged to take their learning home and share aspects of interest with parents/carers. We also welcome relevant expertise that you or family members can offer.

This term our topic is space themed with the title: the man on the moon.


For more information on our Autumn learning see our Year 2 Autumn curriculum map

TOPIC This term we will be looking at space. We will be astronauts and think about what it is like to go to space and use our History skills to find out who was the first person to step on the moon.

We will be creative making 3D  sculptures of meteorites, asteroids and the milky way in art and moon buggies in DT.

In science we will think about forces and gravity and investigate the planets. We will be learning about life as an astronaut, finding out the basic needs of animals including humans and linking this to life in space and what we need to be healthy including the importance of exercise and eating the right foods

We will use out programming skills in computing to programme a journey around a galaxy.

English We will be writing to entertain by retelling the story Man on the Moon and creating an alternative alien story. We will also watch a BFI film Baboon on the moon as a stimulus and write diary entries and alternative endings.

We will be writing instructions on how to make moon rock cakes, rocket biscuits and alien sandwiches

Report writing will look at aliens, astronauts and the planets.

We will also be performing and reading poetry about rockets, stars and space.

The children will take part in a daily Guided Reading and Phonics session that will develop their reading and spelling skills.

MATHEMATICS We will be learning about:  Place Value – understanding the value of the digits, partitioning 2 digit numbers and ordering numbers to 100; adding and subtracting 1 and 2 digit numbers using numicon, dienes, or hundred square; measures – looking at length, weigh, capacity and time. Children to use equipment and solve problems; investigating puzzles and problems each week to develop their application of skills and reasoning.
In RE we are looking at Christianity and the teachings of Jesus and thinking about the meaning of  Christmas.
PE This term PE is on a Friday and children will be working on their multi skills by taking part in a variety of games.  Please make sure  your child has a PE kit for these days which can remain in school. Your child’s PE kit should include a pair of shorts/jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and trainers. It would also be really helpful if this kit was named clearly.
MUSIC Children will take part in singing sessions and we will be learning lots of rhymes and songs in the classroom. On a Friday children will be developing their awareness of pitch with Ms Hands.
READING Your child will read with an adult at school at least twice a week in their Guided Reading sessions and they will also have   an individual reading day.  It is essential that your child brings in their book bag everyday so we can write in their reading record, communicate with you and change their books on a regular basis.  Please read with your child EVERYDAY.
HOMEWORK Homework will be set on a Friday. It will mostly be topic related and your child might also bring home common words and sounds to read.  Please support your child in completing this and bring back to school by the following Wednesday.The most important homework, however, that you can do with your child is to hear them read as often as possible.
TRIPS We will have the opportunity to visit the planetarium in Greenwich and the science museum.