Year 4



For more detail please see the Year 4 Autumn curriculum map

TOPIC  Our half termly topic is called The Final Frontiers. In this topic we will be looking at the most extreme places on Earth and what it is like to like in them. We will then go on to look at what it would be like to live on planets in our solar system.

In GEOGRAPHY we will investigate extreme / dangerous places on Earth and compare these to the UK, thinking about types of settlements and land use. We will study natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes and look at their causes.

In art we will be investigating creatures of the deep to create 3D models.

In computing we will create our own wikipages with details of our research.

ENGLISH This term our writing will be based on life on the most extreme places on Earth and in our solar system.  We will be:

Writing to inform:

Writing information texts about places in the world    Writing to explain to answer questions such as ‘what causes earthquakes’ and ‘why do volcanoes erupt’.

 Writing to explain:

Our narrative writing will follow a science fiction theme. We will write diaries and science fiction stories based on the animation ‘space alone’ and write space themed poetry linked to Grace Nichols’s poetry book – Cosmic Disco.


Your child will read with an adult at school at least twice a week in their Guided Reading sessions.  Your child will be responsible for changing their books and will have one session each week in which they can peruse and choose a new book. Reading books are expected to be changed at least once a week.Please ensure your child is reading for at least 10 minutes every day and, if possible, read aloud to an adult at least 3 times each week and have the opportunity to discuss their reading choices.

MATHS  In maths we will be:

– developing our understanding of place value, working with numbers over 1000.

– using formal methods of addition and subtraction

– working with measures

-using our knowledge of multiplication and division to problem solve

– looking at properties of shapes including quadrilaterals and triangles.

SCIENCE  In Science this term, the children will be learning about the habitats of animals and the interdependency of animals and plants, both in our local area and throughout the world. We will recognise how living things can be grouped and explore classification keys to identify living things. We will construct and interpret a variety of food chains, including identification of producers, predators and prey.

Finally we will be investigating the solar system and describing the movements of the planets.

We will be looking at how mechanical systems can support life in hazardous terrains.
PE This  term PE will be on a Friday.  Children will be working on their throwing and catching skills as well as their agility, but playing tag rugby.

Your child’s PE kit should include a pair of shorts/jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and trainers.


MUSIC In music we will be reading, writing and composing rhythms; melodies and harmonies.

We area also very lucky to have been invited to  take part in the RPO Roots project and we will be performing this later in the term.  Watch out for dates.

RE Religious Education lessons are multi-faith and give the children an opportunity to explore the beliefs of others and share their own views and opinions.  In the autumn term, we will be looking at   promises made and also places of religious significance as well as looking more deeply at the meaning of Christmas and the traditions and symbols that we associate with it.
HOMEWORK Children will be given a homework project challenge. This will be related to our topic and, as well as involving some independent research, it is something that we would encourage children and parents to work on together.
TRIPS We are planning a variety of trips to aid and enrich your children’s learning-details to follow – and would be grateful for any parents willing to come on trips with us and make the trips possible.