Year 5

In year 5 we concentrate on providing the children with a broad and varied learning experience which aims to prepare them for the rigours of Year 6. The children enjoy a variety of topics including: Settling in, an A to Z of London and From Bombs to Bunting.



For more detail see the  Year 5 Autumn curriculum map

TOPIC Our topic this term is called Settling in, where we will answering the big question of ‘how did  we all get here?’We will begin by looking at our own cultural heritage and family backgrounds before considering how the early setters came to England and the impact this has on our country now. In geography we will work on our map skills, linked to our backgrounds as well as considering changes to maps over the years.In history We will focus particularly on the settlements of the anglo-Saxons and Viking invasions.  In art we will we creating a lifesize Viking figure head and our own  amulets.
ENGLISH We will start the term by looking at the book ‘The Colour of Home’ Mary Hoffman’s story of a refugee child. from this we will write diary entries, in role and finally our own versions.We will then write to inform creating non-chronological texts about the historical periods we are studying.  Finally we will write our own newspaper articles from Viking times.Your child will read with an   adult at school at least twice a week in their Guided Reading sessions.  Your child will be responsible for changing   their books and will have one session each week in which they peruse and   choose a new book. Reading books are expected to be changed once a week. Please   ensure your child is reading for at least 10 minutes a day. Encourage your   children to discuss their book with you.
MATHEMATICS  We will start the term looking at place value to in numbers of a million, including partitioning and rounding. We will develop formal and mental methods of  Addition and subtraction for 4 digit numbers. We will extend our understanding to decimal numbers and fractions. Working on multiplication and division we will investigate multiples and factors and use formal methods.  Finally we will look at properties of shape including 3D shapes and angles.














In Science this term we will be looking at the properties of materials and relating this to the types of artefacts which were found from historical periods.  We will

  • Compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties
  • Give reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular uses of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic
  • Know that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and describe how to recover a substance from a solution
  • Use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating

We will also consider how the moon orbits the Earth and how this was used in early calendars.


In music we will be reading, writing and composing rhythms and taking part in band workshops.

We area also very lucky to have been invited to  take part in the RPO Roots project and we will be performing this later in the term.  Watch out for dates.

PE  Your child will have PE on a Friday.  Please make sure your child has a PE kit for these days which can remain in school. Your child’s PE kit should include a pair of shorts/jogging bottoms, a   t-shirt and trainers. This term we are developing our throwing, catching and movement skills in the game of tag rugby.
RE  In RE will be looking at Leading a Christian Life. This will include looking at Christian charities and the work they do. In the lead up to Christmas we will also be looking at the commercialisation of Christmas.
  • Homework will be linked to our topic and consist of a project which can be completed collaboratively with parents.
  • English and maths homework to consolidate our learning may also be given.


TRIPS We are planning a variety of trips to aid your children’s learning -details to   follow.
















































Cypress Class Rules