Year 6

Obviously, year 6 is an important year. In May we will be sitting our end-of-key-stage tests and it is incredibly important that the children do the best they can. Having said that, it is also incredibly important that our year 6 children enjoy their final year in primary education and get involved in as many creative and inspiring projects as they can.  Another  feature of our year 6 ethos is that our pupils are ready to make the transition from primary to secondary school, so although academic achievement is crucial, we also strive to enliven our curriculum so that our year 6 pupils are ready for the next stage in their education.

Some Important Info


Coronation to exploration

For more detail see the Year 6 Autumn curriculum map

TOPIC This term we are taking to the high seas to look at exploration, the reasons that different explorations took place and what the results of these were.In history we will focus on the exploration that took place during Tudor times. We will look at how the Tudors came to power and focus in more detail on Elizabeth I’s reign as leader and look into the explorations that took place at the time. In art we will further develop our skills as historians to look at Tudor portraits and consider the iconography and symbolism in these.   In geography we will look at the history of mapping, before using our understanding of longitude and latitude to map Darwin’s journey on the Beagle and researching the physical geography of the places he visited. In RE we will be looking at how Christianity changed under Tudor rule. We will also look at what makes a church a church, as well taking part in philosophical discussions about creation and the meaning of faith.
ENGLISH For the first half of the term we will be writing to recount. We will start by studying biographies of famous people, to write our own on a Tudor monarch.  We will also recount the adventures of a Elizabethan Privateer.  Later in the term we will focus on Darwin and use our descriptive skills to write to inform to write reports and explanations in Darwin’s style.Spelling and grammar will be a major focus this year, the BBC’s Bitesize websites have some great games and activities to help secure the knowledge they’ll get from school!Your child will read with an adult at school at least twice a week in their Guided   Reading sessions.  It is essential that your child brings in their reading book and reading record everyday so we can record their reading, communicate with you, and ensure books are changed on a regular basis.  Please read with your child EVERYDAY.
MATHEMATICS  In maths we will be looking at:Place Value in numbers to 10 000 000, negative numbers, powers, rounding, x and ÷ BY 10, 100, 1000, answers to 3dp; addition and subtraction including mental methods with larger numbers,  formal column methods; multiplication and division  using known facts and formal methods; to compare, order, add and subtract fractions;  BIDMAS  and  Problem solving using all four operations.
SCIENCE In   Science this term,  we will start by looking at the human body, especially the digestive and circulatory systems. We will look at the role nutrition plays in keeping people healthy and identify why we live longer than those who lived in Tudor times.  We will then follow in Darwin’s footsteps to uncover how he formulated the theory of evolution. We will consider the role that fossils played in developing this theory and consider how animals adapt to their environment in the survival of the fittest.
PE Your child will have PE on a Wednesday morning.  Your child’s PE kit should include a pair of shorts/jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and trainers.  It is essential that your child bring the correct PE kit for hygiene and comfort reasons.  This term we will working on our skills playing tag rugby. In addition we will beginning swimming lessons on the 5th of October.
MUSIC In music we will be reading, writing and composing and playing basslines; we will take part in band workshops combining baselines, melodies, chords, rythms and vocals and develop our drumming or guitar techniques.
COMPUTING  We will be using our programming skills to invent a maze game mapping out a journey.
HOMEWORK Homework will be topic based with additional learning to supplement and consolidate topics taught in class.
TRIPS We are planning a variety of trips to aid your children’s learning-details to   follow.