Early Years – Nursery

Willow Class

Nursery Hours

Morning session


Afternoon session


Children are entitled to attend for a total of 6 sessions each week, making 15 hours. This will be 5 mornings +1 afternoon, or 5 afternoons + 1 morning.

Our Curriculum

We follow the EYFS curriculum, which emphasises three prime areas of learning, which are Personal, Social and Emotional development, Moving and Handling, and Communication and Language. Our planning for the children’s learning is on view in the classroom and is flexible, so that we can take account of individual children’s interests, and respond to them.

Our Priorities

In Willow Nursery class we help the children to develop language to express their ideas and feelings, their social skills to enable them to form friendships with other children, and their self confidence and independence, so that they can happily separate from their parent or carer, explore the new environment and understand the expectations and routines of the nursery.

Home School Partnership

Children joining the nursery class will meet school staff in their own homes, visit the nursery class and come to stay and play sessions before starting school. This allows the children to become familiar with the setting and staff and helps to build up good relationships between home and school. This relationship helps to support the child at the start of their school learning journey.

Learning Journals

The children’s learning is assessed in the nursery using photographs and observations by staff. This includes what children say and do. We ask parents to contribute to our picture of the children’s learning by contributing to these records. This could be by bringing in pictures or photographs, adding comments directly to their records or sharing the learning journal with your child during the reading session or in the holidays. We will talk to you about how this works when your child starts nursery.


We have a display board in our class room which is used to celebrate children’s achievements. The children can choose a favourite character and parents are encouraged to record the achievement and display it on the board for all to see. An achievement can be anything from helping to tidy their toys to writing their name for the first time.

A Special Visitor

Willow class has a soft toy character which goes home with a different child every weekend. The morning children have Pilot Ted who has his own aeroplane and the afternoon children have Captain Gorilla who has a boat. They each have a different traditional tale to take home. The character goes on adventures with your child. In the scrapbook your child can draw pictures and make marks or you are welcome to take photos recording your adventures. Parents are encouraged to write down what their children say in the scrapbook. Previous adventures have included going to church, playing in the park and visiting the Tower of London. The children then share their adventures with the class on a Monday.


Sharing a book with your child helps to develop their interest in stories and prepares them for learning to read. The children are invited to borrow books from school to take home. We also have a weekly drop in session for parents to share a story with their child on a Tuesday between 8.50 am and 9.10 am for the morning session and 12.45 pm and 1.05 pm for the afternoon session. We welcome as many parents as possible to join in with this as the children benefit greatly from having this special one to one time.


The children will be able to have fruit, water and milk during the nursery session but please try to ensure they have breakfast or lunch before coming to school as it is a long time for the children. They are likely to be tired and hungry when you pick them up!

Outdoor Curriculum

The outside play area is an extension of the classroom. Children will have access to this area in all weathers and is an important part of their development. We have shelters for torrential rain! Please make sure you provide a warm washable coat in cold weather and wellingtons for rainy days. During hot weather please put sun cream on your child before they come to school.

Even though the children wear aprons they will get paint, water or dirt on their clothes. This is part of their learning! Spare clothes can be left in the nursery.

Incy Wincy Spider Workshop with our Nursery Parents





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