Early Years – Reception

Learning for our youngest children is concerned with developing communication skills, and social, emotional and physical skills, and becoming independent. They will also develop creative skills through art, craft, drama, and musical activities. Early literacy and maths skills are developed through enjoyable play based activities, and stories, songs and rhymes. Children learn about the world around them through real life experiences, such as shopping, cooking, and watching chicks hatch, and seeds grow. Teaching and learning takes place through a mixture of whole class and small group sessions. Children will also spend time playing independently, so they have a chance to apply their skills when following their own interests.

Children and families meet school staff before children join Nursery or Reception, and gradually build up to a full session, allowing children to make relationships and feel secure in their new environment. School adults work in partnership with parents, passing information about learning between home and school, to build up a picture of the child as a learner in the fullest sense, to help them make good progress in their exciting learning journey.

Details of planned activities are put up in the classroom each week. A Class newsletter outlines the main themes for each half term.


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