Parents FAQ’s

You may find the answer to your questions on this page. If not, the administration team, Caroline, Sigrid and PJ are happy to answer any queries.

How to contact the school

Address: Beecroft Garden Primary school, Beecroft Road, Brockley, London SE4 2BS.
Telephone: 0208 692 2762

Where do I drop my child off in the morning

School will start at 8.50am.
There are entrance gates in both Dalrymple Road and Beecroft Road. Both gates open at 8.30am and close at 8.55am. Both gates can be used by all children.
Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 should enter the school via their classroom doors from outside of the building.

Late arrivals

If you arrive after the gates have closed, you are late. Make your way to the visitors’ gate in Beecroft Road.
The school uses an electronic register to register children’s attendance in the morning and afternoon. This is done as soon as children enter the classroom at 8.50am and is sent electronically to the office.
Anyone arriving after the register has been taken will be marked as late.
Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 should make their way straight to class once the bell has been rung.

Absence from school

If your child is absent you must phone the school on 0208 692 2762 before 10am.
All absences will be followed up by the school.
All children should achieve at least 95% attendance and punctuality. Any child who receives less than this will be referred to Lewisham’s Attendence and Welfare Team.
Holidays will not be authorized during term time.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is operated by the school and runs every morning from 7.45am-8.50am.
It’s run by Caroline who also works in the school office.
Breakfast club is held in the crèche room. Please use the gate located in Dalrymple Road.
You’ll need to fill out a form to register your  child at Breakfast Club. Ask for one at the school office.

Where to collect nursery children

Nursery finishes at 11.20am.
Nursery children should be collected by parents from the gate in Dalrymple road.

Where to collect school children

School will finish at 3.15pm.
Parents should enter the school either via the gate in Dalrymple or Beecroft road. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will leave from their outside classroom door. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children will be brought down and dismissed from the playground. The gates will be locked at 3.35pm. Children collected late will be taken to the late room and parents will have to use the entrance at Beecroft road to collect these children.

Collection by after school clubs

Children who attend after school club in the school will be collected by their after school club teacher. Please use the gate in Beecroft road to collect children at the end of their after school activity.
Children who attend St Andrew’s after school club they will be taken to the after school club staff in the playground at the end of the day.


The school uniform is Royal blue in color.

Children are asked to wear:
– a Royal blue sweatshirt
– a light blue poloshirt (either with the school logo or plain)
– grey or black trousers or skirts
Optional items of school school uniform are available to order. These include fleeces, reversible jackets, bookbags and PE bags. Orders for school uniform can be collected from the reception desk.page1image30272

School dinners

School dinners cost £2 per day, £10 for the week.
Dinner money should be paid in advance. You can pay at school office or through the class teacher. Use a clearly marked envelope including your child’s name and amount paid.
Dinner money envelopes are available from the school office.
If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals please call pupil support on 02083146221. They can check instantly if your child is entitled to free school meals. You’ll need to give them your name, date of birth and national insurance number.
Children are expected to stick to one meal type each half term. Children are only allowed to swap meal types at the beginning of a half term.
Please inform the office if your child chooses to swap meal types at the beginning of a half term.

School trip and school music lesson money

Please make sure all money is put with your signed reply slip in an envelope marked with your child’s name and class.
Money for school trips and music can be collected by the class teacher and handed to the office. If you prefer, you can hand your envelope and reply slip to the office staff.

How to tell OFSTED what you think

Please spare some time to fill out the Parent View OFSTED Survey giving your opinions on Beecroft Garden Primary School.

Parent View gives you the chance to tell OFSTED what you think about the school. It asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

Click on the link below to access the parent view survey: