Useful Links

Useful Links

GSO Test


Geography is all about understanding the world around us.  A local area walk is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge or mapping skills or even use your home or garden!

More information on our approach to geography is coming soon. 

Here are some activities and links you can have a go at if you wish:


The Geographical Association have lots of activities you can do from home

Follow the links below with ways to explore your own home as well as things to make: 

Make a compass, a globe or a 3-D map

On your daily walk why not take part in a scavenger hunt, or map your walk, can  you see any signs of spring ? 

 Tigtag:  Follow the link below to the Tigtag website where you will find videos and instructions on how to make your own globe, compass or 3D map:

Tigtag Geography Activities 

BBC Bitesize:  There are lots of resources including live lessons, games and interactive activities.

 KS1 KS2

Gojetters (KS1) Explore places all around planet Earth. Where would you like to go?